Thursday, January 7, 2016

Congratulations Mike Piazza

Congratulations to Mike Piazza on his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Piazza is just the fifth teammate of Wallach's to be inducted into Cooperstown.  I find this number to be surprisingly low given that Wallach played seventeen Major League seasons, but I haven't really looked around for any comparisons.

Of the now five Cooperstown teammates of Wallach, Piazza appeared in the third most games with Wallach, trailing Andre Dawson and Gary Carter, and finishing well ahead of Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez (with the Dodgers, not Expos).

Piazza and Wallach were teammates on the Dodgers from '93 to '96, and spent a good amount of that time batting 3/4 in the line-up.  They reached the post-season twice ('95 and '96) during their time as teammates.

Had the wildly deserving Tim Raines been inducted, he would have led the list of games played with Wallach among Hall of Fame teammates, as they spent parts of 11 seasons together in Montreal.


  1. Raines should have been elected a long time ago.

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