Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Edition

This is the first post of what I'm planning on becoming a weekly thing (until I get bored with it).  A post once a week with updates on some of my other collecting efforts, and an effort to solicit trades with other set builders.  Believe it or not, I collect cards other than Tim Wallach cards.  Don't get me wrong,  my first and foremost goal as a collector is amassing Wallach cards, and if my house were on fire, they'd be the first ones I grab.  But I collect other cards.

When it comes to other cards I've always considered myself primarily a vintage collector.  My definititon of vintage has evolved over the last three decades, but today I loosely define "vintage" as anything from 1991 and earlier, with many subcatagories within that range.  About a year ago I decided to narrow my focus, as my collection was beginning to sprawal out of control, and I had no real vision for where it was going, or map I was following to get there.  So I made the somewhat difficult desion to focus strictly on Topps base sets. I'd already started the future effort of working on the '52 set, so I decided to also start working backwards from '91. 

Over the course of about six months, I would buy white 3'' binders from Target every time I went, and eventually accumulated enough for each year from '52-'91 (my wife and I go to Target a lot).  I suplemented this by biting the bullet and splurging for a bulk purchase of nine-pocket pages from Amazon.  Previosly, every time I had extra ebay earnings, I would blow it on some white whale vintage card I'd wanted.  For once, I went with supplies.  I also took to the tedious task of making myself a master checklist book which has become a bit of a strange crutch I carry everywhere.  I've found much more joy in the whole process than I ever expected.  It's been somewhat cathardic unloading thousands of cards and watching the mass of white boxes I've accumulated slowly start to shrink.

Still, I felt I need to take one additional step.  I considered a new blog, but I lack the time and desire.  So this is my compromise.  Once a week (or every other week), I'll be posting updates on my progress, along with a need list here and there, as well as cards I have for trade and/or giving away.  Unloading duplicates of cards from the 50's and 60's on ebay is worth the effort, however trying to unload hunderds of '83 Topps, or '90 Donruss isn't.  I'd rather pass them along to fellow set builders.  We are a dying breed and need to support each other.  So I'll be gradually listing what I have available on this blog.  If you see anything you need, let me know, and I'll try to send it your way.  If your inclined to send cards I need in return, great, if not, that's no problem either, as I've already received way more than my share of cards as a result of this blog.

So with that, here is the first update to what I'm calling the "Trade Bait" page, which should now appear in the side bar to the right as well.  I will attempt to update it weekly with new sets.

Thanks for reading, and as always, Wallach cards are still ultimate goal around here.

1987 Donruss #264

While making my list of 1987 Donruss I have available, I came across an issue with card #264.  Two cards claim to be #264.  One's a check list, and one is of Padres Pitcher Andy Hawkins.  Card number #300 is also a check list, and it list card #264 as being Andy Hawkins.  However the checklist #264 card, list #264 as being a checklist.  By my count that's two cards against one, so I'm calling Andy Hawkins the real #264 (cardpedia agrees).  I couldn't find anything online about this, as I imagine no matter how scarce the checklist #264 maybe, no one was ever going to go too wild over it.


  1. Is that Checklist #264 from the Leaf set? I see it in the 1987 Leaf list in the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.
    And that's the best prep work I've ever seen for card collecting!

    1. I'm collecting checklists, and the set I have for 1987 Leaf actually have Donruss on the front. Leaf checklists are #27, 155, 259, and 264 as opposed to Donruss checklists numbered in the 100's...200, 300, etc.

    2. That's probably what's going on, as I do have a handful of '87 Leaf.

  2. Wait - you collect cards OTHER than Wallach? I'm calling bullshit.

  3. The master checklist book is a must! I have thought about collecting earlier than 1970, but thus far I have not given into temptation. I do have lots of extra '70's cards to help you out though.