Wednesday, November 4, 2015

An offer I can refuse

I received the following offer via email.  I received a lot of similar offers like this of late.  The screen shot is a little difficult to read, so here's what it says;

" I have three Time Wallach baseball cards for $15 if you are interested. Please let me know. They are in great condition. It took me two hours to go through my card collection to find these bad boys."

Unless Luca Brasi is the one making this offer, it's one I can refuse.  I'm not a huge fan of price guides, but for what's it worth, these three cards are listed as being valued between 1¢ up to 5¢.  Unopened boxes of 1990 Donruss can often be found for less than the asking price in this offer.

I'm sure some of these offers are made in good faith, perhaps this one is one of those, but I'm equally sure many are not.  This post is meant more of as a disclaimer for those well intentioned people that contact me with offers like this.  If you have less than say 100 Wallach cards, I'm not likely to offer you anything more than a plug on this blog if you send them to me.  If you have in excess of 100 I'll pay for your reasonable shipping cost.  If you have 500+ we can talk price, but understand that I offer pennies per card, not dollars.  Most the people with anything close to that number are collector's themselves, and aren't offended by such an offer.  They know it's reasonable.

I appreciate the effort of everyone who has ever sent cards.  Please though, don't waste hours of your life with expectation of being well compensated. 


  1. WOW. That guy is a nut.

    I have some pretty cool TW's coming your way soon. One I even bought specifically to mail to you. No promises on when it'll arrive...I'm incredibly lazy.

  2. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant to say 15¢. lol

    Sometimes I wonder if there's any scenario where a junk-era card could increase exponentially in value at this point. Like if Franklin Stubbs cured cancer or something, and there was a sudden demand for his cards.

    1. My theory is that everybody throws away their junk wax and then some day it becomes really rare. Then everybody will want to pay $15 for three Tim Wallachian cards .