Friday, November 13, 2015

1989 St. Vincent 30¢ Stamp

Card Review: 2.5  This is a stamp, not a card, but given that it was issued as part of a set and card collector's collect them, I'm going to say it's close enough to count.  I have stickers that are smaller and less card worthy that everyone considers cards, so this counts too for my totals.

I recently picked up my first copy of this stamp on ebay. I previously had no idea it even existed.  The head shot on the right is identical to the one used on the 1991 Jumbo Seeds card, but for the logo on the hat, which Jumbo Seeds airbrushed out.

This was taken directly from the ebay listing:

"The Post Office for the island of St. Vincent in the Caribeean Sea produced a 81 baseball stamp set in 1989.  This folowed a similar baseball stamp set mde by the neighboring island of Grenada in 1988.  The Stamps all had a basic green design.  Unfortunately the perforated edges did not line up well with the layout when the 9 stamp sheets were punched and the stamps tend to be off center."

Number of this card: 2


  1. When I collected stamps in the 1980's, there were an assortment of small countries which generated a significant percent of their GNP by issuing attractive postage stamps geared towards the collecting community. I remember the Maldives being a big one at the time. I wonder if any countries still do that successfully...

  2. Someone sent me the Tom Browning stamp a few years ago. I never got around to researching it much, but finally did tonight and came up with a few more Reds for my own want list. There were several like this one for 30¢, award winners and rookie year stamps for 60¢, and Hall of Famers for $2. I hope that I'm finished researching, and will probably never buy any unless I see them out in the wild for less than a buck each.