Monday, October 19, 2015

Bluffton, Indiana

These cards were sent by Charles in Bluffton, Indiana, an apparent Indiana Hoosiers fan. At risk of offending someone nice enough to send me cards, I think Mike Davis could have built a really solid program there if he had been given a little more time.  Probably not anything close to what The Great Bobby Knight had, but if that's your standard, you may be in for a few decades of disappointment.  Not that there's anything wrong with Tom Crean.

It's probably a false sense of securtity, but having a line of succession in place at Syracuse with Mike Hopkins set to take over for Hall of Famer and all-around great human being Jim Boeheim, makes me feel a little bit better. 

Thanks for the cards Charles.

Updated totals:

1992 Score: 54
1992 Score Super Star: 3
1992 Topps: 150

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