Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Atlanta, Georgia

These cards were sent by Wade from Atlanta Georgia.  Wade is an attorney with "Nelson and Mullins," so if your in the Atlanta area, and need a lawyer, I suggest giving them a look.  Thanks for the cards Wade.  They're greatly appreciated.

Even cooler than the cards however, is the newspaper Wade included.  It's from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  I had no idea they ran this.  It's been kind of strange to see the number of places the story has popped up without any notice given to me.  Not that I need notice I guess, but I just like seeing it.  Seeing my name in print is still enough of a novelty that I get a kick out of it and like saving it for the scrap book.  So but for Wade in Atlanta, I would likely have never known this happened.


  1. I'm surprised Wallach himself hasn't reached out to you yet.

  2. Kind of odd that a major Atlanta paper would run a story from a paper in California about a collector from the Southwest, who collects cards of a player from California, who played for teams from Canada and California, on its front sports page. There's zero local connection. Not that it shouldn't run, but in Atlanta, somewhere inside the section is best.

    1. I agree, a little odd. But, still very cool!

    2. Being in Atlanta, I'll add that the AJC pretty much sucks. I'm guessing Wade saw the article in his law firm's lobby (his firm is a fairly decent sized regional firm here in the Southeast, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough) and was inclined to send you those cards.

      And now, I'm inclined to look Wade up (I think I know him) and see if he still collects!

      Speaking of which...I need to send you some cards, Stack.