Monday, August 3, 2015

Water Bottle

I picked this water bottle up off of ebay.  The seller offered no information on it.  Through my "detective work" The only thing I've figured out is that the company that made it, Hanson Marketing, was out of Toronto (but no longer uses the same phone number).  I really have no idea what this is from, any information would be appreciated.

I have my doubts about the usual sources for these kind of items.  Stadium giveaways are usually fairly abundant on the secondary market, and there tend to be a series of them.  If this was an SGA, there should be a lot floating around on ebay, and there should be a Tim Raines, Hubie Brooks, Bryn Smith, etc., but there's not.  This is the only one I've seen.  Ditto for local Montreal store promotions.
As for the bottle itself, lets just say it won't be getting put inside a glass case anytime soon.  It smells like my Father's old camping gear that he used to break out every summer when my brother and I were kids.  While it's a very distinct smell, with many fond memories attached, it is not a particularly good smell.  Musty Camping Gear isn't going to show up at Yankee Candle anytime soon.  The plastic is kind of soft, which could be from age, but is more likely just an indication of shoddy quality, and the art, well, judge for yourself.  I guess it's ok, even if his legs make it look like Wallach is wearing skinny jeans.

All in all, it's kind of a cool little odd ball item, albeit, one that's destined to spend a long time in the "bullpen" of my collection waiting for time and circumstance to present an opportunity for it to be displayed.

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