Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cincinnati, OH

These cards were sent by J.B. of the "J.B. Trading Co. Baseball Card Blog."  They're the first cards to be sent from Cincinnati, or even the State of Ohio for that matter.  Thanks for the cards J.B., they're very much appreciated.

The best part about these cards is the smell.  The Topps cards included have a very strong gum odor to them.  One of the '87's has a very impressive gum/wax stain on the back as well.  It's really a shame kids today will grow up never knowing the stink of gum and wax on their cards.  But I guess the handful that are buying cards today can read about it somewhere else.

Updated Totals:

1987 Topps x3: 609
1988 Topps x3: 454
1989 Donruss: 224
1989 Topps x7: 402
1990 Donruss: 224
1990 Topps: 261
1990 Topps Coins: 6

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