Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chad Wallach 2014 Bowman Draft Scouts Breakouts #BSB-CW

Card Review: C-
Before I start complaining about all the technicalities about this card that upset the baseball card collecting dork side of me, I'd just like to point out that it's pretty cool that Bowman included Chad Wallach in this set.  He's the second Wallach kid to be included in one of these semi-main stream sets (Brett was in a couple, Matt only had minor league team set issued cards).  Hopefully, he'll be the first Wallach kid to be included in a Topps base set down the road.

That said, I have a lot of complaints about this card.  For one, it's ugly.  The colors, the way the player is cropped out of any background, the lack the stats, and the picture itself all upset me.  It's a weird photo of Chad that barely looks like him.  Worst of all, Chad isn't with the Marlins anymore, he was traded to the Reds.  I understand timing and lack of photos probably played into this, but it's still a bit annoying.

My final thought is on the back.  I think it's cool that it mentions Tim.  But I've always wondered what kids of major leaguers think.  On one hand, I'm sure being the child of successful major leaguer opens a lot of doors and gets you a lot of extra looks from scouts that others may not get.  But you still have to be able to play to reach this level.  At some point I imagine you'd want to escape that shadow.  I just question where that point is.  I think it's probably somewhere in between when people start saying "Did you know Barry's dad Bobby also played major league baseball?" instead of "Did you know Delino Desheilds kid made it to the majors?"  It's a tough spot.  Most guys that get so much as a single at-bat probably have a Little League field named after them somewhere.  As kid of a successful major leaguer, you're going to be held to some unfair higher standards.

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