Friday, April 3, 2015

1984 Fleer Unopened Cello Pack

This is an unopened 1984 Fleer cello pack with Wallach showing through on the the front.  It's my 4th cello pack with a Wallach showing on top.  It's hard to argue with 28 cards and 2 stickers for 49¢.  I vividly remember buying  these packs as a kid.  The grocery store my mother went to back then sold these and I would usually come away with a pack of these, while my brother more often than not opted for a candy of some sort.  I have far more '85 Fleer that survived, so I'm guessing I wasn't buying these for very long, and given the year, this had to be right around the time I started asking for cards on my own rather than having family friends force them on me.


  1. Very cool, especially WITH the price tag.

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