Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Norton, MA

These cards arrived from Mark, in Norton, MA.  It's the 4th time that Mark has sent cards, and upped his all-time total to 27 cards sent.  Thank you very much Mark.

These also happen to be two of my favorite Wallach cards.  If the 1986 Donruss All-Star were standard size, instead of being huge, it would almost certainly rank in my top 5 favorite Wallach cards.  The '91 MVP has also always been one of my favorites since the moment I first pulled one from a pack 24 years ago.  Donruss had egregiously passed over Wallach for the Expos "MVP" on numerous previous occasions, so there was a great sense of satisfaction when they finally got it right.  It also has the NL MVP voting on the back which is a nice touch.

Updated Totals: 

1986 Donruss All-Star: 11
1992 Donruss MVP: 100

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