Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brett Wallach 2009 Ogden Raptors

Card Review: B  This card design is a little generic but there's really nothing wrong with it.  I feel like it looks like a declined mock up for an early 90's Score set.  I actually kind of like the wood grain look on the back of the card.  I would have just left it all the darker yellow, I think you'd still be able to read the lettering ok.

I just received an envelope of minor league cards from my connection, so the next week or so is going to feature a heavy does of Brett and Matt Wallach cards that I didn't previously have.  It's been awhile since I mentioned my thoughts on collecting the Wallach kids, so I'll go ahead and mention it again.  I think it's pretty cool to be able to collect their cards, but am not trying "to collect them all."  One of each is fine.  I'm also grading them differently, using letters instead of numbers.  I'm not sure it makes any difference (or that anyone cares), but it helps keep things in order for me.

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