Monday, October 27, 2014

CCM Expos Jersey

This was the first Wallach jersey I ever owned (and last one I have left to post, at least for now).  It wasn't something I had as a kid in the 80's, in fact I don't think I knew a single kid who had a jersey growing up.  I had Expos hats, and briefly a t-shirt featuring Snoopy wearing an Expos hat and shirt, but never a jersey.  I'm not sure when they became so prevalent.

I picked this jersey up on ebay around 2001 when I was in college.  I was pretty excited, until it arrived, and I found it was two sizes too small.  It's got a decent amount of wear and tear and isn't of the best material.  Far from what you would describe as "authentic."  All of which would have been fine with me at the time had it fit. 

I know nothing about it, as far as where it came from, how old it is, if it was homemade, what the retail price was.  CCM was/is a hockey company.  My first "new" pair of hockey skates were CCM.  Previously all my skates came from "Play it Again Sam's," a used sporting goods store.  CCM is a more than respectable hockey company, I have no idea what their reputation is as far as baseball jerseys.  Judging from this, I'd guess, not that great.

The logo and numbers are all sewn on, as is the nameplate on the back.  However the letters on the name plate appear to be silk screen.  The jersey material leaves a little bit to be desired, but isn't horrible, at least not for it's age.  I'd guess it's from 1990 or so.  Feel free to fill me in with any details you might have on it.

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