Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1980's Expos Road Jersey

This just arrived in my mailbox.  It's my first road Expos jersey I've ever bought to wear around.  Arguably the Holy Grail of my Wallach collection is his actual 1988 road Expos jersey, but I'm not about to wear that to the Home Depot on Saturdays when I pick up weed killer and pet stain remover. 

This one looks to be in the same style as the '88 Expos jerseys, and not the 1982 Home Jersey (my '82 is also just a custom job I ordered online).  The only way to tell the difference is the Expos logo on the front.  On the '82 it is almost a varsity letter type felt material.  Not as puffy as a varsity letter, but not the smooth material the logo on this one and the '88 game worn are made out of.  I have no idea when they changed it.  This jersey would be changed once more in '89 or '90, as the Expos would had a blue outline to the number on the front and the name and number on the back (this card shows it pretty well).  I believe they left the home jerseys the same.  In any event, I don't have one of those jersey's yet, and am more inclined to track down the '93 road and the '93 home Expos jerseys (even though they are criminally ugly) first.

My first impression of things like these jerseys often ends up not being my lasting impression, but this one made a very good first impression.  It's likely going to be my go to Dodger Spring Training game jersey, replacing the home white I've been going with the last few seasons.  Here some more pictures of the jersey:

I wore it last night hoping it would bring some luck to the Dodgers, but it came up a little short.  In fairness to the jersey, I foolishly took it off around the 6th inning to avoid staining it when my daughter got a little rowdy with her desert covered fingers.  I'll give it a full nine innings this afternoon and evening.  Between the jersey and Kershaw, I like the Dodgers chances.

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