Friday, August 1, 2014

1991 Baseball Info

Card Review: Incomplete  I'm not sure how to catalog this "card."  I recently purchased it on ebay.  There wasn't much of a description, other than it's a card that accompanies some sort of game. I know there were a lot of those types of games from that era.  I had one in which the box turned into a stadium, complete with panoramic animated outfield strips for every stadium in baseball at the time.  The field liner had grass on one side and astroturf on the other.  The box was far and away my favorite part of the game.  The game itself was much too confusing and took forever to play.  The cards were pink and blue and had copious amounts of info.  My brother and I ended up just making up our own game with the dice and box and never actually played the "real" game after the first day.

This card appears to be from a much simpler game.  I have no idea how it was played, if there was a board, dice, or anything like that.  But I like the card.  I think I'm going to include it in my card binder as a "card."  I've found that some cards seem cooler when you're holding a stack of 100 of them.  There is something very satisfying about 100 of the same 1988 Topps card in your hand that makes them seem nicer, or more important than just one.  On the other hand, a large stack has the opposite effect with other cards.  This is especially true for the off-brand issues such as the recent Canadian Hall of Fame Card and the like.  One of them is very cool, and seems special.  The stack of 100 plus just makes them feel a little illegitimate.  I imagine that would be true with this card as well.

Number of this card in my collection: 1 
(Not being counted towards total or unique cards)


  1. I would be on the fence, too, about counting that one. Honestly I would probably just go ahead and count it. Does that make me a cheater?

  2. What's the size? If it's close to typical card dimensions, I'd probably let it pass as a card.

  3. It's only slightly smaller than a standard card. I added another picture to give it some perspective.