Thursday, May 1, 2014

Houtson, TX

This card was sent from Houston, Texas.  Easily the nicest looking top loader I've ever received a card in.  Sorry to hear you didn't pull the Jose Canseco, Joey.  While I have no love for Canseco, I do have a lot of sentimental love for the '86 Donruss Canseco.  You should have no trouble finding one for under $10 shipped on ebay, and much less than that if your patient.

I love cards like the '86 Canseco Rated Rookie.  Iconic cards of my youth that once carried huge price tags, but can now be had for the price of a couple packs of cards, and often much less.  I still check ebay with some regularity for a handful them.  That card along with the '83 Traded Strawberry and '89 UD Rev Neg Dale Murphy error are ones I still can't resist buying when the price is right.

Thanks for the card Joey.

Updated Total for 1986 Donruss: 103

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