Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This envelope arrived from Ben in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which represents a new addition to the map.  Obviously those aren't Tim Wallach cards.  Those are cards of former Expos manager Buck Rodgers.  I always liked Buck Rodgers, and I also always liked the Topps Manager cards of the late 1980's.  Perhaps the presence of Pete Rose made them seem important, but whatever the reason, I liked them.  I even used to actively trade for them.

Buck managed the Expos from 1985 until about a quarter of the way into the 1991 season when he was terminated.  He went 520 and 499 with the Expos, good for a .510 winning percentage.  The 91-71 record he led the Expos to in '87 would have won the NL West, but was only good enough for 3rd in the NL East.

Ben also included some Wallachs, pictured below.  In fact, he indicates in his note, not only did he send all the Wallach's he could find, he sent all the cards he could find that so much as mentioned Wallach's name.  I applaud your enthusiasm Ben, and thank you for the cards.  Geaux Tigers?  Or at least until they visit the Carrier Dome in 2015.

Updated Totals:

1987 Topps x4: 536
1988 Topps AS: 370
1989 Topps: 360

and as always (not intended for Ben, as mentioned in his note), a public service announcement:

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