Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dunlap, IL

These two cards arrived from Paul in Dunlap, IL, which is now represented on my map.  Thank you very much for the cards Paul.

The '85 Topps card has grown on me to the point where I feel very comfortable putting it in my Top 5 All-Time favorite Wallach cards.  Along with the '83 Topps it's one of the two that is always in my Top 5, the order and other 3 in a pretty steady state of flux.  At some point I'm going to hit a period when the mail slows down and I'm out of new cards to post.  Posting a 1-300+ ranking of every different Wallach card in my collection is on my to-do list.  Or at least a top 50 (or 29?), the thought of debating the bottom 100 isn't a very good motivator.

Updated Total for 1985 Topps: 223

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