Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1990 M.V.P. Collector Pin

I remember buying this at a Toys R Us as a kid.  I actually bought, or was bought by Mother, two of them.  Which at the time felt like a huge windfall, even at the clearance price of $0.90 apiece.  My father was a RNA and my mother taught art in public schools, so while I was far from poor and never in need growing up, I never had the most expensive bike on the block either.  So when my mother agreed to buy two, one to open and one to save, it made an impression that has stuck with me even 24 years later.

Wallach's mere inclusion in this set felt like a major victory for me at the time.  You may notice the backs have a striking similarity to the backs of Starting Lineup figures at the time.  But while Starting Lineup treated the Expos and Bluejays like 2nd class teams only producing one figure for each team, this set of MVP Pins went ahead and treated them like real teams.  For whatever reason I had a terrible time scanning and taking pictures of this thing, so if you have question about the checklist feel free to ask.

The pin from the package I opted to open has somehow survived on cork boards and in desk drawers through three moves as a kid, two college dorms, countless apartments, law school, and now sits in a drawer in my office.  I've never seen one of these open or sealed show up on ebay.   So it's nice to have it in hand, because this is the sort of thing that would really drive me nuts if I knew it was out there and I couldn't find one.  So if your a player collector, maybe you won't want to look too closely at the checklist on the back if you don't already have one.

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