Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recent Purchase

I don't normally buy individual cards from ebay sellers.  They tend to want $1.00 and up for individual cards and a lot more than that for shipping.  It's the least cost-effective way of buying cards online.  However, recently that card in the upper right corner of the above photo showed up on ebay.  I pulled the trigger and paid way too much.  But that card has been on my most-wanted list for awhile.  So I bit the bullet.  Burbank Sportscards, to their credit, are extremely reasonable with shipping costs.  $2.00, flat rate.  So I checked out what other Wallach's they had.  There wasn't much, and cheap shipping or not, I'm not paying $1 a pop for junk wax base cards.  They did have 10 of those '96 Mother's Cookies cards though, so I sprung (also some Lawrence Moten's I picked up, another player I hoard but to nowhere near the same extent).

In any event, I'm very pleased to cross another card off of my "need" list.  I'll follow up with an individual post for the card shortly.

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