Friday, March 7, 2014

Cards from 2x3 Heroes

Amidst the flood of recent mail, I'm still receiving cards from other card bloggers.  Personally, I hate the term "blogger."  I'm not a "blogger."  I collect cards, I just happen to post about my collection on a web page.  "Blogging" is something loser rich kids do when they can't get hired anywhere despite an English degree from a 50K a year off brand private school they went to after being rejected by everyone in the Ivy League (sure, sure, of course.  Harverford is just as respected as Harvard).  As far as I'm concerned, if "blogger" is how you describe your job, it's just a euphemism for unemployed.  "I'm a politcal blogger."  I am going to go ahead and guess capital gains and inheritance taxes are two of your pet issues.

Not that any of that has anything to do with Jeff of 2x3 Heroes and the cards he sent.  Thank you for the cards Jeff.  And no, I do not believe the prices you paid for these card.  Literally, I don't believe it.  But that doesn't mean I appreciate the cards any less.

Updated Totals:

1987 Fleer: 92
1991 Score The Franchise x2: 72
1992 Triple Play: 44
1994 Studio: 14

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