Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cards in the Mail

This blog was recently the subject of an SB Nation article, which was picked up by some other media type things.  Which is cool, almost entirely (the comment sections on national articles can get a little less than cool).  Easily though the best side effect of the attention, is that for a week or two afterwards my mail box explodes.  There's a big backlog of envelopes I'll be getting to, so if you sent cards, thank you, and trust me, I'll get them up here.

This one above didn't give a name or return address.  I can see where the post office stamped it in Westchester, NY, but nothing more than that.  So thank you anonymous sender, if you'd like me to add your name and city to my map, please feel free to email me or post in the comments.  And if not, thats fine too.  Everyone should feel free to send me there cards anonymously if thats what they prefer.  Name, no name, it's all fantastic.  Just send me your cards.

Updated Totals for the cards sent:

1989 Topps: 332
1991 Score: 90
1992 Topps: 93
1995 Topps Cyber Stats: 9

1 comment:

  1. Comments on national blogs and youtube aren't worth reading. Long ago, I made it a priority not to read them period.

    I always check out this blog to see what Dodger Wallach you have that I don't. I think that cyber Wallach is one.