Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cards from Ramsey, New Jersey

Max from "The Starting 9" sent these.   If you  can't read the note, it says "I saved that ugly '91 Score Wallach from certain doom on the floor of a show."  While I certainly appreciate the effort, I take issue with the characterization of the card as ugly.  Sure, it's well-worn, but that just gives it personality.  I really like the well-worn Wallach's in my collection.  I know I could easily manufacturer my own, but that would be cheating.

So thank you very much for the cards Max, your on my list of people I need to get an envelope out to.

Updated Totals:

1990 Topps Coins: 4
1991 Score: 93
1993 Studio: 22

1 comment:

  1. Dear lord, is my handwriting horrendous. Glad the cards got to you, I look forward to whatever may arrive my way.