Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm new to twitter in the last year.  I have no problems admitting that I don't entirely understand "twitter" and think the whole thing is kind of stupid.  Maybe I'm just showing my age, but I think it's a fad that will pass, at least in it's current incarnation.

Personal animosity aside, if it can help me bring traffic to this site, and subsequently bring cards to my mailbox, I'll subject myself to it.  So far I've "tweeted" (which is a stupid term, I think "Tweeter" and "Twits" sounds more natural) 31 times, or about 9,000 fewer times than fellow card blogger Night Owl.  For the most part I'm just posting/tweeting links to old post on this blog and using it as an oppurtunity to re-read and edit the post as I go.  Interaction with other people has been extremely limited.

I currently have 18 followers, which seems like a lot, but I'm told is very little.  But 18 is a number I can wrap my head around, and whenever I get a notice of a new one, I click to see who it is.  Last week something sort of cool happened.  Not cool enough to change my mind about Tweeter, but certainly the high point of my Tweeter existence, check out the screen shot below:

The new "follower" I picked up was none other than Brett Wallach, assuming that's a real account and not just some one being funny.  I mean, if the aim was to prank, it would make more sense to make a fake account of Tim Wallach.  Brett's cards have been featured on this site a couple of times recently, as a former 3rd pick of the Dodgers and son of Tim Wallach.

So thats sort of cool.  Though, I still don't like Twitter.


  1. I used to tweet a lot, but it became more of a chore than an enjoyment. Now I use it like you, to drive people to my blog. I'll occasionally have short interactions with some, but not much.

    BTW I have a few cards for you, whenever I get around to slapping your address on and envelope.

  2. That's cool.

    I tweet at a snail's pace compared with some of our fellow bloggers. And then there are some others who I am convinced do eat because they tweet so much.

  3. I cannot bring myself to be on Twitter. But if I ever do, it would only be to drive traffic to my blog.