Friday, November 1, 2013

Un-Cut 1986 Provigo Expos Team Set

This is one of those items I don't really know what to do with.  I actually acquired this before I had any copies of the "cut" Wallach card, and briefly considered it quite the find.  Then individual copies of the Wallach started showing up everywhere, and this team set took a back seat in a box.  It's nice enough to display, and not easy to store.

The set consists of 14 sheets, with 3 cards to a sheet.  There are perforations running between each card, making it very easy to tear them apart if one desired to do so.  The third card on each sheet is an advertisement or coupon. I'm not scanning the backs, but they're all in French and English, with French as the primary language.  All the shots appear to be from Spring Training, except for the Dawson and Raines which appear to have been taken in Olympic Stadium.  Not sure why Wallach wasn't given the star treatment after making his 2nd straight All-Star game in 1985.

The cards for the most part are pretty forgettable.  Cookie-cutter photos, boring design, and the card stock is extremely thin.  The two cards featuring group shots of the coaches are pretty interesting, as are some of the advertisement cards, but for me the real highlight is the card for Youppi.  Below are images for the entire set.

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  1. Best way to store it I would think is 3 card pages.