Thursday, October 3, 2013

(More) AP Wire Photos

 July 17, 1989: Expos beat the Braves 5-2.  Wallach went 1/4 with a double.

 July 26, 1989:  Phillies beat the Expos 4-3.  Wallach did his part going 3 for 4 with a home run, double, and 2 RBI's.  This was the high point in the season for the Expos.  The win stretched their lead in the NL East to 3.5 games.

 August 2, 1989: This photo is not from the date it was "wired."  The Expos played a road game on August 2, 1989 and this shows Wallach in home whites.  It seems to be for some generic article about how athletes handle stress.

 August 16, 1989:  Expos beat the Giants 4-2, Wallach scored a run.  Mark Langston threw 7 strong innings for the Expos but didn't earn a win.  The win stopped the bleeding of a dreadful 2-10 stretch that saw the Expos go from 2 games up in the NL East to 4 games behind.

 August 25, 1989:  The Expos hammered the Giants in San Francisco 12-2.  Wallach went 2 for 3 and also walked twice.  The win improved the great Dennis Martinez to 14-4 on the season.  The win followed a tough 22 inning 1-0 loss the night before, where a win would have brought them within one game in the NL East.

 September 5, 1989:  This is my favorite photo in the lot by a wide margin.  I've already had it blown up and printed (both as is and cropped).  It shows Wallach being greeted at home plate in St. Louis after hitting a grand slam by Tim Raines, Hubie Brooks, and Marquis Grissom.  Raines and Brooks are two of my all-time favorite Expos, and I always like Grissom.  It may never happen, but I'd love to get all four guys to sign this.  Montreal won the game 6-2.  Wallach also had a double while going 3 for 5 with 5 RBI's.

 September 5, 1989:  This photo was taken just moments earlier than the photo above.  All-Star Ken Hill can't be too happy giving up a 7th inning grand slam in what had been a 2-1 game.  Hill would go on to play for the Expos himself, actually leading the NL in wins with 16 as an Expo in the Bud Selig shortened 1994 season.

 September 20, 1989: Barry Bonds stealing 3rd base, not an easy task.  But that was just one of the many parts of Bonds game that made him the greatest player of all-time.  The Pirates won 9-1, their 5th straight, and 3rd straight loss for the Expos.  The wheels completely fell of the Expos bus in September, as they went 6-17 down the stretch and finished a disappointing 81-81 after leading or being in contention for the NL East most of the season.  The Pirates would win the NL East before being upset by the Braves in 7 games in the NLCS.

September 25, 1989: The date on this photo doesn't match the game.  The Expos beat the Cubs 4-3 in 10 innings on September 25 on a Jim Dwyer single, not the 26th.  Wallach went 1 for 3 and walked twice.  Jim Dwyer was playing in his 17th of eventual 18 big league seasons.  Really an incredible feat for a guy who was never an everyday starter, and never reached 300 plate appearances in a single season.

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