Saturday, August 10, 2013

1991 MLB Baseball Star Buttons

 Card Review:  Not a card  Some people count these as cards, some don't, most don't care what they are.  This was sent to me by a generous reader awhile back.  I'm just now getting around to listing it as it's own item.

I've haven't really been able to find much on these, as far as what they were, who made them, etc.  Below, the 3rd picture is lifted from an ebay listing, and not from my personal collection.  It looks like they came two to a pack.  One blue NL player and one red AL player.

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  1. These are made by a company called JKA. I just got a bunch of them but did not find the Wallach among them. There are some on ebay if you want to nab a few more.