Friday, July 5, 2013

Cards in the Mail

This is one of the more eclectic envelopes I've received as far as card selection.  It's a pretty cool assortment, complete with a rookie card and '86 Fleer mini.  These cards were sent by Joe in West Virginia.  This is the 2nd time Joe has sent cards, but last time he was running a different blog.  Click here to visit his new one.

Here are the updated totals for the card sent:

'82 Donruss: 136
'86 Fleer: 71
'86 Fleer Mini: 18
'87 Topps: 484
'91 OPC Premier: 11
'92 Leaf: 21
'92 Topps: 72
'93 Bowman: 11


  1. Glad I could help out. I've already gotten three more since I sent those; I'll send them when I get a few more.

    Oh, and as for the different blog, I had to change the name of my cardblog and make it not Padres-centric because one of my contract stipulations with GLB was that I can't write about the Padres anywhere else.

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