Monday, May 6, 2013

1995 Stadium Club #127 Virtual Reality Member's Only

Card Review: 0.0  Somebody at Stadium Club was a real jerk.  Rather, some people at Stadium Club were some real jerks.  Some jerk said, I think we should do a lot variations of our cards so collector's will buy a ton a packs.  "We can't have collector's simply buying enough packs to compete the set, no small task in and of itself."  I'm guessing this was one the last of the seven variations for this card.  They had a bunch of variations per the demand of some jerk, then some other jerk said, "Hey, what if we started combing variations?" Then yet another jerk said; "That's a great idea."  Then a bunch of suckers went out and bought this crap by the case.  Today it's so worthless, and so unwanted, that when somebody like me actually wants a few of them, no one is willing to take the time to sort through it to sell it (assuming they haven't already thrown it out).

So we got this.  A "Virtual Reality Variation" merged with a "Member's Only Variation."  Bunch of jerks.

Number of this card in my collection: 1

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