Friday, April 5, 2013

Cards from Cooperstown

This package arrived from Cooperstown, NY this week.  I've probably mentioned this before, but I'm from Cooperstown, graduated from High School there, played Little League there, the usual.

This arrived from my friend Lucas.  It's the first time someone I actually traded cards with as a kid has sent cards.  So obviously I want to know why he was holding out as kids, and suddenly has a stack of Wallach's 3 inches thick to send my way 20 years later.

In any event, it's good he finally did the right thing and gave me the cards, and it's very cool to add Cooperstown to this map.  In addition to the large amount of cards sent, Lucas included something else.  I'm going to feature it as it's own post, because it's that cool.  He's got some access as far as Museums go in Cooperstown, and put together something pretty nice.  But first, here are the cards he sent:

Updated Totals: 

1987 Topps: 418

1988 Donruss: 285

1988 Topps: 145

1989 Topps: 199

1990 Fleer: 123

1990 Donruss: 113

1990 Topps: 143

1991 Donruss: 58

1991 Donruss MVP: 52

1992 Studio: 9

1993 Donruss: 31

1993 Triple Play: 12

Lucas, Thank very much, it was a real, nice, surprise.

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