Friday, April 26, 2013

1993 Topps Micro #570

Card Review: Incomplete  This thing is tiny.  Just ridiculously small.  Too small to be graded as a "card."  It's a novelty item for all intents and purposes.  If I remember correctly these were sold in box sets that resembled a skinny tube of toothpaste box.  I never bought one because while I wanted the Wallach, I didn't need the other 824 cards in the set ('93 Topps was huge).  This is the 5th, and I believe final, variation of the 1993 Topps base card that I've posted.  If you click this all five will pull up, plus the '93 Topps Traded which, mercifully, didn't  come with any variations.

Number of this "card" in my collection: 1
2013 update: 2

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