Monday, March 4, 2013

Cards in the Mail

These cards came from "The Home of the Braves" blog.  It's far and away the most creative packaging of any cards I've received so far.  An envelope complete with an Expos Sticker, fancy letter, and the '86 Donruss All-Star nearly ended up in the trash.  It was hidden, or carefully packaged, in cardboard inside the letter.

Thank you very much from the cards.  Alabama is now represented on the map as well.

Here are the updated totals for the cards sent:

'86 Donruss All-Star: 4
'89 Fleer: 106
'91 Studio: 21
'92 Triple Play: 34

Check out the "The Home of the Braves" at:

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  1. Hey, I figured the one and only Tim Wallach collector on the blogs merited an equally unique package! Glad you liked the cards!