Friday, March 1, 2013

Cards in the Mail

I opened my mailbox to find not one but three different envelopes stuffed with Wallach's curtousy of readers.  All three completely out of the blue, not part of trades or anything.  I'll be posting each in the next three days.

The first come from Mark at "This Way to the Clubhouse."  This is at least the 3rd time Mark has sent cards.  He's quickly become a Wallach blog reader All-Star.  The fact that he appears to be a Syracuse fan doesn't hurt either.  As of now, there is no prize to go with that, but one day there might be, and if it ever happens, Mark's will be the first one to get mailed.

The gold card above is one I didn't have.  So that makes this enevelope particularly awesome.  Thank you very much mark.

Updated Totals for cards sent:

1995 Collector's Choice SE Gold Signature: 1

Check out Mark's blog by clicking the image below:

1 comment:

  1. I was probably more excited to find that gold Wallach than anything else at the show.

    Thanks for the nod and enjoy all the college hoops...