Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cards in the Mail

The above assortment came in the mail and were a complete surprise.  Greg from "The Collective Mind" sent them.  I had sent him a Carlton Fisk card awhile back and forgotten about it.  So when these arrived out of the blue it was pretty exciting.  Greg also gets an A+ for how he packages his cards.  I'm more or less a C student when it comes to how I package cards that I mail and always feel a bit guilty when cards arrive packaged as nicely as Greg packaged his.

With the arrival of these cards I get to add Maryland to my map, which is exciting, at least for me it is.  The map has quickly become a point of obsession for me.  Which good, because I'm quickly closing in posting every Wallach in my collection, which is more or less complete to my knowledge sans a few #/1 type inserts and probably a few odd-balls whose existence I am at this point unaware of.  So this map has provided a much needed new aspect to this endeavor of mine.

So do me a favor and check out Greg's blog:


  1. Get ready to add Louisiana to your list - I mailed you some Wallachs on Saturday!