Friday, January 11, 2013 Check Out My Cards Purchase

I don't buy many cards on "Check Out My Cards."  For one, it's too expensive.  Sure, stuff is cheaper than what the price guide says it should be, and most sellers will take less than what they're asking, but I usually find I can get much better deals elsewhere if I'm patient.  For another, you have to add money to your account before you can make offers, and you have to add at least $10 at a time.  I don't want to add $10 to make a 50 cent offer on a $1 card.

This was only the 2nd time I've had cards shipped.  I bought a bunch of vintage cards when I first discovered the site a few years ago and had them shipped.  I had a few bucks left over and bought that Topps kids above and some other random stuff only to find, I didn't leave enough to ship them and wasn't going to put down another ten spot to do so.

But the site recently redid it's whole look, so I spent some time looking around.  It's basically still the same, but I went ahead and put down another ten spot anyway and picked up the cards above.  Nothing new, but these Rookie Cup cards are sort of my new obsession.

I'm guy, and ebay addict.  COMC just isn't my thing.

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