Friday, January 25, 2013

1985 Cadaco Disk

Card Review: N/A  Awhile back a gentleman sold me a decent number of odd-ball Wallach cards.  From the not so strange, Topps Tiffany, to the very strange, All-Star Game Program inserts.  He was kind of stiff with his prices, so I left a good amount of the "not so strange" on the table.  One thing I went for was this 1985 Cadaco Disk.  I had no idea what it was, and his card listings were all on a spread sheet without pictures.  Needless to say, I was disappointed when this arrived, and won't be counting this as a "card" or even a "collectible."  It's just getting the "odd-ball" label.  $1.00 I'd kind of like to have back.


  1. I think it went to some sort of board game.

  2. Later Cadaco discs did have pictures on them. I'm not sure if Wallach is in any of those later sets though.

  3. All the Cadaco Disks I have have pictures on them.

  4. Cadaco All-Star Baseball was (is?) a board game where you'd put that card into a special clear plastic holder with a spinner on it, spin the spinner, and whichever of the fields your spinner lands on determined the outcome of that at-bat... For example, 10 = Strikeout, and 5 = Triple, so Tim Wallach is far more likely to whiff than to hit a 3-bagger. I spent a ton of time playing this as a kid, even though I didn't own the game. I own it now after finding one at a garage sale.

    The versions I played had disks that look like that Tim Wallach. For most people it's visually boring, but I said "COOL!" when I saw it. It probably only has value to people who still play the game (and I'm sure they're out there).

    There's a picture of the game on my blog from last February... Just scroll down past Tony Campana. FYI, the post has nothing to do with the game, it was just a joke about how Wrigley Field is the park used for the board.