Monday, December 17, 2012

1991 Cracker Jack un-cut "sheet"

Card Review: Incomplete  I'm not calling this a "card" even though a feels a lot more like a card than the regular Cracker Jack card.  While I'm not calling this a card, I still like it a lot, and the player selection is fantastic.  I always viewed Kelly Gruber as the slightly inferior American League Tim Wallach.  Like Wallach, he was a great player who didn't get nearly the attention he deserved because he played in Canada.  Howard Johnson on the other hand, was not one of my favorites.  He did however provided me with a nice example to use in arguments as to the levels Super Star status Wallach would have reached  had he played in New York.  DeShields was/is/remains one of my personal favorites.


  1. that one came from a "6 for $1" bin at a local card show. i'm glad you like it. and, don't tell anyone (especially my fellow dodger fans), but i was a deshields fan, too.

  2. I imagine most Dodgers fans dislike DeShields not for his performance, but rather for the performance of the guy they gave up to get him.