Thursday, November 8, 2012

Topps Chewing Gum Contract

This is the contract signed by Tim Wallach with Topps granting permission for them to use his likeness on cards from 1988-90.  In return Topps gave him $75 a year.  Big money.

I picked this up on ebay.  It was sold by "The Topps Vault" which occasionally list some pretty neat stuff.  I find the Sy Berger autograph even more exciting than the Wallach.  Sy Berger is a legend in card collecting.  He was in with Topps from day one and designed the 1952 set.  He was also the guy who loaded cases of 1952 Topps onto a barge and had them dumped in the East River. In the early 50's he was the primary foot solider for Topps in their battle with Bowman to sign players to exclusive contracts for the purpose of making cards.

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