Saturday, September 15, 2012

2011 Game Worn Jersey

This jersey is the jersey Tim Wallach wore during the 2011 season as 3rd base coach for the Dodgers.  It's the first game worn jersey of Wallach's I've been able to obtain, and only the 2nd game related item in my collection.  I also have a bat.

I'm pretty excited about this pick-up.  I was debating whether or not to frame it or just keep it as something to wear (I tried it on and it fits very well), but think I'm going to end up framing it one day.  The debate then is whether to showcase the front with the name tag sewn in the neck or the back.  I'm going with the back, and will try to do it in such a way that the L.A. logo and Duke Snider patch on each of the sleeves are also displayed.

Wallach wore #25 his first season with the Dodgers in 1993.  He switched back to #29 for the rest of his time with the Dodgers.  Now he wears #26 as the Third Base Coach.

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