Friday, August 31, 2012

1987 The Press Box #5

Card Review: 4.2 I'm not really sure what this card is or how they were obtained.  It's very similar to the "Indian Blue Sox" card, but I can't say for certain if the company's are related.  I did a google map search of the address and it doesn't look like anything baseball related is located there anymore.  Lemeke's catalog of vintage baseball cards makes reference to unlicensed sets in it's preface, and I figure this is an example of one of those.  It says most were obtained via mail-order ads in trade magazines, and that sounds like as good of a theory as any for where this 20 card "The Press Box" set came from.

It's actually a pretty decent photo, and would have been an improvement over the photos used on '87 Fleer or Donruss, and would have looked really good on '87 Topps as well.  But '87 Topps is one of my all-time favorite Wallach cards and regardless of how good this photo would have looked inside the wood grain border, I wouldn't want to change it.

Number of this card in my collection: 1

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