Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baseball Magazine Vol 15 No 3 June 1983

I know next to nothing about this magazine.  It was just a random ebay pick-up.  The articles are all printed twice, once in French, than again in English, but they use different photo's each time.  Besides the article on Wallach there was an indepth piece on the Pittsburgh Pirates Parrot mascot, and full page ad for Expos gear that can be bought.  I went ahead and scanned in the later.


Quotes from Wallach in the article:

 "If I get a hit, then the next time I'm in the on-deck circle I'll try and remember just what i did before," the slow-spoken slugger explains with a grin. "If I used the pine-tar rag, I'll use it again.  And if I used the metal donut we have there, I'll use it again.  Sometimes I eat the same foods all the time I'm hitting real well,but not so often."

"The guys who hit .330 have bad streaks too, but those streaks don't last very long.  Like, I think 'Scoop' (Al Oliver) had just one time last year where he went three straight games without a hit.  That's consistent."

"People ask me why I don't smile more when I hit a home run.  Well, you do have to enjoy the times you're hitting well.  But I'm going to strike out sometimes, too, and I'm not coung to cuss and throw a temper tantrum whenever I strike out.  You've just got to stay on an even level and keep working at it."

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