Thursday, August 25, 2011

Expos Magazine July 1989

This magazine was an ebay pick-up.  I would have loved to have seen this stuff as a nine year old in 1989, but it's still cool to see now.  Here are some choice quotes from the article:

"He's got one of the highest thresholds of pain of anybody I've ever seen.  You can't keep him out of there." -Buck Rodgers, Expos Manager

"It was a matter of respect.  I think I've done as much as anybody for this team for eight years and at that point I didn't think they (the Expos) were showing that they appreciated it." -Tim Wallach, on his contract dispute with the Expos following the 1988 season

"I'd like to play at least five more years.  And I want to play them all in Montreal.  I love the city and not many people get a chance to play their entire career with one club.  I want to do that." -Tim Wallach

"People get so wrapped up in how he's going at the plate that they forget what kind of a third baseman he is." -Bryn Smith, Expos pitcher, on Wallach's Gold Glove

"One thing that didn't help was hitting the 36 homers in Denver.  The stadium there had a short left-field fence, and I altered my swing.  In college, I'd been a line-drive hitter, but I changed into a pull-hitter." -Tim Wallach

"You have guys who are winners and you have guys who want to win and enjoy playing the game beyond the money part o fit.  I love to play this game, and I make lots of money doing it.  But If I didn't love playing this game, I don't think I could do it just for the money." -Tim Wallach

Also included in the magazine was Poster of Tim Wallach and a survey (I guess thats what you would call). The survey below must have been reprinted somewhere becuase I once had a newsprint copy of it that a friend gave.

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