Friday, October 23, 2020

Portland, OR

These two Wallach's were sent by Kerry of Portland, Oregon.  Kerry has been a pretty frequent contributor going back to 2016.  The 1988 Fleer is the "Box Bottom" variety.  I've always much prefered the photo on the '88 Fleer Box Bottom to the one used in the base set.  Kerry, or perhaps someone else, did a nice job cutting the Wallach off of the bottom of the box.  Many people (including myself as a kid), try to cut exactly on the lines.  I much prefer leaving a little bit of a margin, that way you can go back and cut the card out with the proper tools not typically found in a junk drawer, provided you ever want to make the effort.  Fleer also took the step of leaving room to do this with the four card on the bottom of the box, where as Topps did not.  The result being I usually ended up with at least two poorly cut Topps cards from the bottom of their box.  Take a look:

Thanks for the cards Kerry.

Updated Totals:

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